Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is written for the cloud, focusing on ease of use and modularity. It is a solid financials platform that can be easily expanded to meet other business needs simply by buying additional functionality through the cloud.



Prior to being acquired by Oracle a few years ago, NetSuite was the pioneer of small business ERP systems. It was also the first ERP system to originate in the cloud, which gives the product a leg up on other competitors that are still migrating from their on-premise systems. Its focus on small to mid-size companies, ease of use, and executive dashboards are three of the most cited strengths of the product in the small- and mid-market.

The downside of the product is that since it is a multi-tenant cloud system, it is slightly less flexible than other ERP systems. This may not be a problem if your business has fairly standard operations, but it can be a problem if you have unique operations or require a certain amount of flexibility. However, these weaknesses can actually be a strength if you are trying to standardize and scale your growing business.


  • Solid customer relationship management features.
  • Broad enterprise resource planning features apply to a wide variety of businesses.
  • Excellent drill-down capabilities from several system views.
  • Simple reporting.
  • Custom process workflows.
  • Easily navigable, hierarchical dashboards.


  • Confusing help system.
  • Difficult to configure system for specific roles.
  • Broad but complex feature set.