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About Techbizguide.com

We are a team of passionate developers, software engineers and user experience specialists, looking to help small businesses grow by using the most suitable and cost effective software.

Our Approach to Software Evaluation is Centered Around Learning & Growing Small Businesses

For close to 5 years, earning and maintaining the trust of our readers has been our top priority at Techbizguide. Our editorial team is dedicated to the following principles, which ensure that we always deliver high-quality service journalism you can rely upon. 


  • We’re committed to world-class, original technology journalism.

  • We develop our stories through testing, research, and interviews, along with product and industry experience.

  • Our reviews are based on test results that remain consistent across like products. Techbizguide’s Lab’s testing methodologies are designed to deliver accurate, repeatable, objective results, and we work hard to continually evolve our testing methods.


  • Techbizguide is the independent guide to technology.

  • Editorial coverage is determined solely by the editorial staff for the benefit of our readers.

  • Editorial reviews and conclusions are crafted without any personal, advertising, marketing, or other business considerations. 

  • Our editorial team does not make paid endorsements, nor do we produce paid content. 

  • Editorial staffers cannot accept any compensation or gifts of significant value from vendors. Nor may they own stock in companies within our coverage area.


  • We strive to create honest, objective editorial reviews.

  • There are no paid reviews on our website, and we do not accept unsolicited content submissions.

  • We work with vendors and will sign and honor embargoes to provide timely and accurate information to our readers. Embargoes define the timing of coverage, not its scope, nature, or editorial perspective.

  • During the testing and review process, we give vendors the opportunity to address concerns as we discover them. We do not, however, accept preconditions or allow vendors to preview our reviews before publication.

  • Evaluation software provided for testing shall not be distributed beyond the Techbizguide offices.