Microsoft’s consumer webmail service combines minimalist style with excellent inbox-cleaning tools, social network and SkyDrive cloud integration, and speed.



Microsoft’s new Web-based email, impressed us from the first moment we saw it. Its clear, fast user interface, leading tools for maintaining a clean, junk-free inbox, social-network integrations.

The new webmail design echoes the clean, simple look of Microsoft’s major re-thinking of its flagship product,¬†Windows 8. takes as its foundation all the work Microsoft has done in recent years on Hotmail. That includes vastly improved spam filtering, mailbox cleanup tools, a much speedier interface, and the ability to attach large files via Web storage using SkyDrive. This allows a single attachment size of up to 300MB, compared with Gmail’s 25MB.



  • Clean, simple, intuitive interface.
  • Fast.
  • Excellent mailbox organization tools.
  • Integrated instant messaging.
  • Sweep tool cleans out inbox.
  • Aliases.
  • Good Integration with social networks.
  • No ads on mail from contacts.


  • Less interface customization.
  • No IMAP access.