Behind its whimsical façade, HoneyBook presents a very comprehensive and easy-to-navigate CRM solution for small business.


HoneyBook isn’t just a small business customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It’s actually designed as an all-in-one management platform built to work for a wide swath of very small businesses. HoneyBook presents a very user-friendly interface that teeters on being whimsical but doesn’t let the laid-back design fool you. This is a serious business tool that integrates CRM with lead and project tracking, invoicing, proposal creation, contracts, scheduling, online payments, and automated workflows all in one package.

Each HoneyBook subscription gives businesses unlimited projects and clients, so they won’t be overcharged once their companies start to grow. This relates to one of HoneyBook’s most refreshing aspects, which is its friendly and flexible customer approach that’s very unlike many of the more rigid SMB tools we’ve reviewed in the past. For example, instead of subscribers, HoneyBook sees its customers as “members.” Subscriptions to services are called memberships, like in an exclusive club. HoneyBook focuses primarily on self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers rather than marketers and sales associates for larger organizations. For this target audience, HoneyBook trumps many other small business CRM solutions as these will likely seem confusing and complex since they were created with specialists and experts in mind.

HoneyBook is best described as a comprehensive small business management solution with deep CRM hooks. This makes it ideal for one to three users, but not for larger groups or dedicated marketing and sales teams.


  • Friendly and user-focused CRM for entrepreneurs
  • Easy onboarding service and great support
  • Dynamic pipeline-focused system
  • Integrates business management, invoicing, automation, and payments
  • Versatile iOS and Android appsv


  • Costs more than other small business CRMs
  • Might not suit larger businesses or teams
  • Limited integrations