Bigin by Zoho CRM is a solid pipeline-based CRM solution for small businesses that is equally effective on PCs and on mobile devices.



Bigin by Zoho CRM (Bigin) aims to fill the void between SMBs using spreadsheets for their CRM needs and the more complex full-on customer relationship management (CRM) solutions used by larger companies. The result is a well-designed platform that delivers all the small business CRM functionality you’ll likely need.

Zoho’s build approach with Bigin is the opposite of how our other Editors’ Choice winner in this space was designed, namely Salesforce Essentials. Here, Salesforce basically condensed its enterprise offering into something that customers can buy once and then expand simply by paying more to enable new features. Zoho built Bigin as its own platform from the ground up because it isn’t looking to give away the crown jewels of its mainstream CRM Editors’ Choice-winning Zoho CRM product. Instead, it’s making some of the more vaunted functionality available within a framework that’s easily accessible to even the smallest businesses which earns it an Editors’ Choice rating for small business CRM.


  • CRM rebuilt for mobile
  • Integrates advanced CRM features into an affordable plan
  • Built-in telephony options
  • Rich integration options
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Helpful contextual data is easily available


  • Some mobile integrations limited to iOS devices
  • The interface might confuse traditional CRM users